Wednesday, June 29
How big data can make cities smarter

Urban transition is today increasingly a global reality: According to the UNO, two out of three people will be living in cities by 2030, compared to 30 per cent in 1950 and 54 per cent today. In certain countries, the rate of urbanisation could even reach 80 per cent!

Back in 2000, there were 213 cities with more than a million inhabitants and 23 metropolises with more than 10 million inhabitants. 2.5 billion more people will soon join the ranks of city dwellers with non-negligible consequences on transportation, housing, health, work, safety, etc. Although they currently only occupy approximately 3 per cent of the planet’s land mass, cities are already home to half of the world’s population, consume 75 per cent of the energy produced and generate 80 per cent of global CO2 emissions.