Wednesday, June 29
Gmail outage affects millions of corporate Google for Work users

An outage to Google’s Gmail email service yesterday left many corporate users frustrated that they were unable to access their mail.

Users of the company’s Google for Work were unable to access their email with those in the UK and US being hit the hardest by the disruption. Google has investigated why the outage occurred and it is currently working on bringing the service back online.

On its App status page, the company posted an update regarding the outage, saying: “We’re investigating reports of an issue with Gmail.  We will provide more information shortly. Based on reports, it affects only Google for Work Gmail users.  The users are redirected to a page with ‘Service not available, contact your administrator’.”

The issue, which was apparently caused by a technical glitch, is concerning considering that Google has promised that its Google Apps Covered Services web interface ”will be operational and available” to its customers at least 99.9 per cent of the time each month. Regular maintenance and scheduled down time could be anticipated and planned for by corporate users but the fact that this outage occurred during peak work hours has affected their productivity and likely their businesses as well.

Google was later able to identify the root cause of the issue and implement a potential fix for it. However, the company noted that its Gmail service had been restored for some users but not for everyone.

A workaround has been posted by Google and it recommends that users “Disable Gmail Service in Admin Console UI, save the changes, enable it, save the changes” in order to get their Google for Work Gmail back online. 

Image Credit: Mon’s Images / Shutterstock