Sunday, May 22
Black Friday: It’s D-day for retailers with savvy shoppers on the prowl

After weeks of familiar hype and build up, Black Friday is finally here. The biggest shopping day of the year where the pressure is on retailers to deliver in more ways than one.

As well as having to focus onmore than ever and deal with the increasedretailers will also have to be prepared for a growing prevalence ofthrough smartphones and mobile devices.

, while UK companies, such as Argos and Tesco, have also offered deals ahead of the day, in order to capture as many consumers as possible. Retailers know the heightened expectations that consumers have for Black Friday, which is why we’ve seen such growth in discounts before the event itself.”

“Secondly, people are now monitoring the prices of products they want to buy, months in advance of Black Friday, and researching information as early as August. Not only this, based on the analysis of 15 billion online searches, there was actually an 11 per cent jump last month of UK consumers researching product prices related to Black Friday, compared to last year.’

So, after months of planning and preparation, the pressure is well and truly on. Black Friday is a shopping day like no other and, with more and more consumers opting to buy online, IT infrastructures across the UK will be put to the test.